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MAGIX Music Maker Producer Edition is the new generation of multimedia software, and an upgraded version of the MAGIX Music Maker. This edition is specially designed for producers, as you can guess from its name, so it incorporates some extra professional tools. You can do almost anything you want or imagine regarding video and music. You will find many samples of sound and video included in the application, with proffesional quality, which you will be able to use. The Arranger, the main window in which you will be working at, allows you to drag samples and videos very easily. If you like working with synthesizers there are quite a few plug-ins you can use to create your own sounds. Audio CDs and MP3s can be integrated, remixed, or used as sound material. Even DirectX or VST plug-ins as well as MIDI files for remote control of the sound card or external synthesizers can be integrated into the arrangement perfectly. All multimedia formats can be combined with one another in any way on all tracks.
To all what you can do locally, try to add it everything what you can get and do on the Internet. Only one click away, you will find a huge warehouse of samples and sounds. not only get stuff, but publish your own too. That's right, MAGIX Music Maker provides you with a virtual space called personal MAGIX Online Album where you can store and publish your material. Can you imagine people around the world listening to your demos?
In order to get more details about what you can do and how you can do it, let’s review some of the most remarkable features of this outstanding application:
• Arranger with 96 tracks: this is one of the main differences and improvements of this edition in comparison with the regular one (64 tracks). Those 32 tracks make a whole world of a difference.
• Formats:
o Import: WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime, MIDI, CD-A, BMP, JPG, AVI, MXV, WMV, Apple Loops, and ACID Wav.
o Export: WAV, MP3 (optional), OGG Vorbis, WMA, AIFF, AVI, MAGIX Video, QuickTime, WMV, Real Media Video, BMP, JPG, MIDI, CD-A (This last format is only available in the Producer Edition).
o Interfaces: DirectX and VSTi support (only Producer Edition), ASIO..
• Multimedia Library: dig in and find what you like to combine on the Arranger tracks.
• Software synthesizers
• Media database: Find your recordings, sounds, pictures, and videos quicker and faster with the MAGIX media database.
• Catooh: In the massive Catooh you will always find the matching sounds & pictures.
• Audio effects: MAGIX Music Maker Producer Edition provides lots of different audio effects.
• High-end 32-bit floating point: all sound changes are executed in the 32-bit floating point method for especially differentiated and high-quality sounds. This way, an audio picture with especially high dynamics can be created. Digital overmodulation and clipping become virtually impossible
• Video Controller: MAGIX Music Maker Producer Edition contains a Video Controller with lots of professional video effects which can be used in realtime. Videos can be integrated, distorted, and mixed on any track. Graphics can also be edited directly.
• Audio CD support: Audio CDs can be imported directly. Just insert them into the drive and press "CD/DVD". All tracks can now be dragged into the Arranger and edited with different features or effects.
• Own recordings: Use this recording function to record vocals, noises, or instruments and integrate them into the arrangement.

The trial version of this software runs for a period of 7 days. You can expand it to a period of 30 days though, which you might want to do since the application complexity. If you decide to buy it you can buy a downloadable version (a bit cheaper) or a CD version that will be shipped by mail.

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  • It features a very intuitive interface
  • You can buy it for a very affordable price considering the application power
  • It has an arranger with 96 tracks


  • It offers a kind of short trial period
  • The trial downloadable file is very large
  • Use on network not available
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